How do you treat acute menstrual pain?

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The pain of the menstrual cycle is caused by contractions of the uterus muscles that press the blood vessels, which prevents the arrival of adequate blood and oxygen to neighboring tissues.

Most girls during the menstrual cycle suffer from severe pain and cramps that cause them physical and psychological pains that keep them bedridden for many days. What are their causes, and is it a successful way to avoid or even mitigate them? “Madam. Met with the specialist of women and obstetrics, Dr. Nadia Saleh, to look at the causes of menstrual pain and ways to reduce it.

Regularity of the menstrual cycle :
Dr. Nadia explained that the appearance of menstruation or menstrual cycle is the last signs of puberty in girls, which begin with the emergence of breast followed by increased growth rate and the emergence of hair in some areas. Usually, the menstrual cycle is irregular in the first year of occurrence, and in the second year is often organized menstrual pain begins, where it was found to be associated with the occurrence of ovulation.

When does menstrual pain begin ?
As for menstrual pain, it begins one or two days before the cycle and lasts during the first day often, and in some cases the second day also, and the pain ranges from possible light, even severe unlikely, and usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, general wasting and diarrhea in some cases. This pain associated with the cycle usually decreases with age and disappears completely with the first born often.

Causes of PMS:
The pain occurs as a result of contractions of the uterus, which is a group of muscles, and this contraction is caused by the secretion of prostaglandin, and when these contractions, the muscles of the uterus pressure on the blood vessels and does not reach the blood enough for neighboring tissues, and therefore oxygen, which carries by blood, Pain is caused by the president.

How do we treat severe menstrual pain?
– The use of anti-prostaglandin drugs that cause uterine constriction such as ibuprofen and aspirin with the onset of pain.
– Use a warm pincushion on the lower abdominal area.
– Rest and relaxation. Bathing during menstruation .. Does the girl hurt?
– Avoid foods and beverages that contain caffeine and other contaminants during the menstrual cycle.
– Light massage for the back, lower abdomen and pain areas.

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