Treating dental pain is the fastest way to go home

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The fastest home remedies for immediate relief from dental pain, and these pains are known to be not for one, and mention several reasons lead to severe tooth pain.

The most common causes of dental pain are:

1 – tooth decay is the most common cause but not the only source of pain
3 – Salt pulls fluid from inflamed tissues of the teeth and gums to reduce swelling as well as to reduce pain.
4. Salt also fights bacteria that may lead to tooth infections.
1 – a tablespoon and a half of pure salt.
2 – This amount of salt is dissolved with a glass of warm water.
3 – Take a sip of salt solution in your mouth and gently soak well around the mouth.
4 – repetition of the rinse gives rest.

3 – Cayenne Pepper for the treatment of toothache
1 – There are sprays for the pepper called “Cayenne”, which has strong properties of pain relief.
2 – This treatment makes the nerve endings get rid of a chemical called P that treats pain signals to and from the brain.
3 – This treatment makes you feel a little more pain in fact, and feel the warmth or extreme heat when using chili to any part of your body.
4. When using this treatment for dental pain and gums, you will feel worse for a minute and then all the pain will go away in less than a few minutes and calm down.
Ways to use Pepper for toothache:
1 – Put a few pieces of pepper on the affected teeth.
2 – Make a paste by mixing some pepper water and put it on the place of pain.
3 – Precautions: Do not use this treatment for dental pain in children because they do not tolerate the temperature of pepper.

4 – Black pepper to treat tooth pain
1 – Black pepper contains the element of the component pyrene.
2 – Biberin is a component of chemical elements such as that found in pepper protection.
3 – Help reduce pain by transient receptors in the body that respond quickly to relieve pain.
4. In fact, pepper extract from black pepper is also used with emollients and other natural ingredients for the work of painkillers to relieve pain, some of which are specific to toothache.
1 – the amount of black pepper powder.
2 – the amount of pure salt like pure.
3 – Mix the black pepper and salt with the addition of a little water to make a paste.
4 – Put the paste on the teeth and gums.
Leave the paste on the pain position for a few minutes before rinsing the mouth.
6 – Repeat this treatment several times a day.

5 – apple cider vinegar to treat tooth pain
1 – Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and this treatment to get rid of tooth pain.
2 – Acetic acid and mallic acid in ACV help purify and detoxify the affected area of the body.
3 – Pectin in apple vinegar helps to withdraw toxins, from infected places.
4 – it also returns the level of acidity and regular base from your mouth to kill the bacteria.
Apple cider vinegar.
2 – a piece of pure medical cotton.
3 – Soak cotton in apple cider vinegar.
4 – Put this piece of cotton soaked in apple vinegar between infected teeth and gums and press it for a few minutes.
5 – Repeat this treatment of 3 – 4 times a day.
6 – Tip: If you can not get an ACV at home, only the cotton cloth soaked in the vinegar is enough.
7 – If the feeling of vinegar is very strong, it can be diluted with some water and then use it to get the pain of teeth relieved.

Raw potatoes to treat tooth pain
1 – Raw potatoes have a cooling effect that can provide rapid relief from swelling.
2 – In fact, potatoes are one of the oldest folk remedies for tooth pain relief.
3 – This treatment can be used to relieve tooth pain also.
4. Potatoes contain anti-inflammatory properties that absorb excess moisture and treat infections that may be the cause of tooth pain.
Ways to Use Potato to Treat Dental Pain:
1 – Peel the potato and take a slice.
2 – Put the potato slice directly on the position of pain for some time.
3 – Potato can also be crushed to get its paste.
4 – Mix some salt (even pepper if you like), and rub the paste on the affected teeth and surrounding gums.

7 – lemon to cure tooth pain
1 – Lemon or lemon juice contains powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties.
2 – also contains many useful ingredients including citric acid, calcium , magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and lemon.
3 – lemon juice has wonders of benefits not only strengthens immunity but fights infection effectively.
4. Pectin, as in apple cider vinegar, detoxifies from places that are infected with pain.
5 – Lemon juice also contains a strong alkaline effect against the excessive acids that may lead to increased pain, and even be the most important reasons.
6 – drinking lemon juice daily, keep you away from all types of pain and not only tooth pain.
Ways To Use Lemon Juice For Dental Pain
1 – Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and add some salt on it.
2 – rubbed on the place of pain teeth and gums.
3 – Repeat this treatment of 3 – 4 times a day.
4 – Take a glass of warm water and squeeze lemon.
5 – Wash your mouth by rinsing several times until you get rid of the quantity.
6 – Take a few drops of lemon and rub on the place of tooth pain and surrounding areas.
7 – Olive oil can also be placed with lemon drops.
8 – To keep all kinds of pain relief, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice.
9 – Repeat this treatment 2 – 3 times if the pain is acute, but if it is moderate or mild once a day is enough.

8 – Mint oil to treat tooth pain
1 – Peppermint oil contains antibacterial properties and powerful viruses and contains properties of moderate narcotic pain, which eliminates the teeth in a good way.
2 – Menthol in mint helps reduce inflammation and pain related to teeth and gums.
Ways To Use Mint Oil For Dental Pain:
1. Take a piece of cotton and soak in some mint oil for a few minutes.
2 – Place the teeth and gums place pain.
3 – the use of mint oil in the form of mouthwash.
Mix some peppermint oil with a little water and a mouthwash.
5 – If the mint oil is not available at home and found green mint, only some leaves can be taken, washed and chewed.

9 – Clove Cure for tooth pain.
1 – It is known that cloves of herbs and spices excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidation and has the properties of anesthesia, which helps to eliminate the pain of teeth at any time.
2 – clove also contains eugenol, which strengthens the effects of anti – bacteria.
Ways to use cloves to treat dental pain:
1 – It is enough to get the bud of cloves and chewing gently and distribute it to the places surrounding the painful teeth.
2. Crunch the clove bud gently so that it begins to squeeze naturally and slowly and comes out natural clove oil and reacts very well with the painful places in each area of the mouth
3 – must be chewed cloves in the mouth as we have already mentioned the method but remain in the mouth of 20 – 30 minutes.
4 – An anesthesia occurs in the mouth, so there is no need to worry because the pain will completely disappear.
6. If the pain is severe, a few cloves of cloves can be used depending on the degree of pain or as the patient needs.
7 – Caution: It is not necessary to use clove oil, which is sold and known to have many benefits, but this is a serious mistake, because the clove oil extracted from the carnations itself micrograms of it is poisonous because in the age of cloves of cloves to extract oil occurs disposal of many important elements If you lose make the clove oil very toxic, I will explain it in a special article about the risk and damage of clove oil.
Dr.. Amani Saifuddin Azraq