Back and neck pain is common and treatable at hand

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Each of the 30 sufferers complains from time to time of pain in the neck, back or shoulders. The first thing that people resort to to resist pain is to get bedding and stop moving, and this is a particular mistake.But what is the best way to get rid of these pains?

The most prominent cause of back pain, neck and shoulders is cramping and contraction of muscles resulting mostly from sitting or lying incorrectly. For example, sitting for hours in front of the computer without a break and without some movements that help to relax, will suffer from pain in the neck sooner or later, According to the German “Gozendeit” site for medical advice and advice.

The doctors believe that the cause of neck and back pain is the friction of the vertebrae of the spine due to the calcification and erosion of the gulls separating them, due to lack of movement or movement is wrong, and there is often atrophy in the muscles of patients suffering from these pains.

But cold and airflow also cause pain in the neck, but often disappear on their own after two days. Well psychological problems can also cause pain just like the wrong sitting.

” ” إلى جانب الجلوس الصحي والوقاية من البرد والتيار الهوائي تعتبر تمارين الاسترخاء وقبل كل شيء الحركة من أفضل الوسائل لتجنب آلام الرقبة Besides sitting healthy and preventing cold and air current are considered relaxation exercises and above all movement of the best means to avoid neck pain ” “

Movement is protective and helpful
People who sit for long periods often suffer from neck pain, so movement is very necessary for them. Besides sitting healthy and preventing colds and air currents, relaxation exercises are above all the best way to avoid neck pain.

The movement, as reported in the site of “Gozendeit” contribute to the stability of bones and strengthen the muscles, and even in the presence of severe pain should not lie in bed for a long time.

Recent research has shown that movement and exercise regularly contribute to pain reduction, reduction and even disappearance. Those who do not exercise will have to hike, bike or swim from five to twenty minutes a day. Those who do not have the time to do so can at least climb the stairs instead of using the elevator, sometimes leaving the car and walking.

If the pain continues for more than three months, then it is possible to talk about a clinical disease. These pains are little more than warning signs of real illnesses such as rheumatism, osteoporosis or paraplegia, which is popularly known as DISC.

Warm up to get rid of pain
Hot bags can also be used as a treatment for neck and back pain. They contain iron powder, which is heated to 40 degrees Celsius and keeps it warm for about eight hours. Hot packs can also be used for treatment, because warmth helps relax muscles and relieve cramping. .

It should be noted that about one-third of those absent from work in Germany as a result of the disease, the reason for their absence are pain in the neck, shoulder or back.

Source: Deutsche Welle