What causes chest pain in young people

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It is often difficult for a doctor to determine the causes of chest pain. It is difficult to identify any treatable pain at home. If you have any doubt of chest pain, or other symptoms such as breathlessness, immediately call the first ambulance.

Chest pain is a serious symptom that most people interpret as a ” heart attack “. However, there are many other factors that may cause these pains. It is often difficult even for a doctor to determine the causes of chest pain .

There is no simple rule to determine which pain can be treated at home. If you have any doubt of chest pain, or other symptoms such as breathlessness, immediately call the first ambulance.
Rarely, the heart causes pain in men who are under the age of 30, and women who are under the age of 40. Heart pain is very low among men in their 40s and women 50 years of age.Do not cause the heart until middle age, usually, chest pain, the following causes the most common chest pain in this generation:* Short and severe pain common in young people and healthy and meaningless. So also for shrinkage or pain at the same deep end.* Hyperventilation (Hyperventilation) is a common cause of chest pain, especially in young people.* If the pressure on a particular point causes pain or discomfort, it is likely that the pain is produced from the chest wall and not the heart. This pain can be treated at home.

Angina pectoris is a heartache, but not a heart attack.

* Pain caused by the lung membrane or pain Pleuritis (Pleuritis) increases the intensity when breathing deeply or cough. This kind of pain requires going to the doctor.

* If you feel pain with every heartbeat, it may be inflammation of the heart membrane (Percarditis). This type of pain also requires going to the doctor ..

Pain caused by an ulcer in the stomach gets worse when the abdomen is empty and less after eating. Go to your doctor.

Pain that is caused by gall bladder is usually more severe after a meal, and it also requires consulting a doctor.

Treatment of pain in the chest wall painkillers that do not need a doctor’s prescription or topical treatment with ointment. Rest also helps, go to the doctor if pain lasts for more than five days.

When visiting a doctor
The doctor will ask about the medical background and if there are other concomitant conditions, and will be physically examined. You will most likely be directed to ECG and blood tests. If the cause of the chest pain is still unknown, the doctor may ask for additional tests. A person with chest pain may need to stay in hospital.

Heart attacks and angina
Chest pain caused by a heart attack is usually severe, although its strength may be moderate.
Sometimes it feels like a pressure on the chest.
Pain or discomfort is usually based on the chest bone. The pain may extend to the jaw, back or bottom of the inner part of one arm.
A person suffering from a heart attack may feel nausea, sweating, dizziness or shortness of breath. Call the first ambulance immediately if you suspect a heart attack.
In the case of chest pain, which appears when an effort and disappears with rest, this is often different from the heart attack and called doctors angina. The risk of a heart attack is very high, when familiar angina becomes severe, or when the first angina occurs. Go to the doctor immediately, if you suffer from a new mother of angina.

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