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‘I don’t want it to be a secret’: Wife of Brisbane doctor writes letter about his suicide


Dr, George Hatoum recommends to read it The wife of a Brisbane doctor who took his own life this month has written a letter to make others aware of how quickly depression can take hold of someone’s life. Dr Andrew Bryant, a gastroenterologist, husband and father to four children, died in his office last Thursday after battling depression. His wife ...

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Homeopathic teething products investigated over links to baby deaths sold in Australia

Homeopathic teething

Dr, George Hatoum recommends to read it Homeopathic teething products investigated over links to 10 baby deaths in America are being sold in Australian pharmacies, including one at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. The US Food and Drug Administration warned last month that Hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets contained inconsistent amounts of the “toxic” substance belladonna and posed a risk to children.] It urged ...

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A brief history of antioxidants


Dr, George Hatoum in Bankstown Medical centre recommends to read this Article Antioxidants are now an iconic example of premature hype making its way into marketing and the public consciousness long before the science is adequately understood. There are multiple lessons to be learned in this story, and a new study just emphasizes those lessons further. Antioxidants are better-acquired through ...

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